True North Implementation works with a network of associates and strategic partner organizations to deliver value to its clients. With technical expertise from various fields, this ensures client needs are fully met.

Lisa Seppala

Founder and Principal


Lisa has over 30-years’ in-depth experience in strategy, systems, programs, and culture change implementation, mostly tied to safety and organizational transition and transformation. She is recognized as an effective,

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enterprise-level leader, implementer, and mentor, able to build teams across multiple functional areas and deliver lasting improvements for organizations. She has been responsible for implementing organizational transformation in conjunction with business operating model changes, whether the business drivers were strategic, safety, environment, technology, process, system, organizational structure, or culture. By conducting a detailed business analysis to understand the implications of the change, Lisa creates and executes an approach to embed the changes within the organization using project management disciplines. Lisa works closely with her clients and builds strong connections. With her approachable style she leverages her knowledge, training, and experience to help organization leaders show up for their teams and enable sustainable change. Lisa shares her knowledge and experience to provide expert advice on how to manage and facilitate adoption of change.

Lisa has held a leadership role on 19 large-scale business change initiatives at national, provincial, and regional levels, and many small-scale projects locally. All initiatives required effective communication with technical and business experts and with workers, managers, and executives. Many involved building effective communication channels with regulatory agencies. Lisa believes that the collective knowledge of the team far surpasses the knowledge and experience of any one person and seeks to empower the individuals and teams she works with.

  • Master of Business Administration, Simon Fraser University
  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Manitoba
  • Advanced Certificate in Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace, University of Fredericton
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation
  • Coaching Out of the Box Certified Graduate Coach
  • Member of the International Coaching Federation Professional Coaches

Randy Norman



Randy has over 25 years’ experience researching, designing, and implementing systems and programs. His areas of expertise include data analysis, interpretation, and presentation. He has developed and implemented

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safety performance reporting and interactive data visualizations for internal and external audiences. As well, he has experience in researching, summarizing, and interpreting regulatory standards. His clients benefit from his understanding of both business needs and regulatory requirements in performance reporting, supporting an organization’s leaders to make strategic decisions and operational managers to make tactical decisions. Randy believes that the best decisions are those that are supported by the data… data that is easy to understand through effective and timely performance reporting and visualization.

Randy has been involved in several business change initiatives and has worked with diverse teams. He brings unique perspectives enabling him to recommend approaches others may not see. He works effectively with your staff, listens to their ideas, and helps implement meaningful, sustained change. Randy approaches every project with passion.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Simon Fraser University
  • Business Certificate in Marketing Management, British Columbia Institute of Technology