We’ve worked in many sectors – energy, mining, government, transportation, manufacturing, construction, and non-profit. With our people focused approach, we’ve helped organizations improve psychological and physical safety for workers. We’ve been at this a long time, and we love what we do.
Here is a selection of 10 of our favourites!

of approximately 6000 employees. This work involved front-line workers and all levels of management, operational and corporate groups, and experts and generalists from different functional areas.
The result: a measurable improvement in safety culture and performance.

an IT upgrade opportunity, led the implementation of an IT supported incident management system to promote timely reporting and cross company communication of safety incidents in real-time.
The result: immediate awareness of hazards and safety across the organization.

Worked with employer and union representatives to design the Joint Health & Safety Committee structure to ensure each location had representation to raise safety issues and concerns for resolution.
The result: proven (and regulatory compliant) method to ensure safety issues were dealt with promptly.

decision to scale back a hazard identification project to something that could be accepted and used by workers.
The result: money saved for the organization, a realistic project for implementation, and a focused tool for workers to report hazards.

business core. Worked directly with front-line employees to develop an emergency response procedure that would be straightforward, useful, and safe during an emergency event (think black smoke in a hazardous environment!). Liaised with first responders, technical experts (safety, emergency management, engineering, regulatory agencies) for alignment to standards.
The result: a practical, useful solution that was then rolled out to other locations.

feedback on unsustainable workload and work-induced stress, secured executive support, and developed and implemented a program to address a skilled labour shortage within an organization.
The result: 60 new positions for a team of 400 employees and markedly improved employee engagement scores.

challenges by developing a process to source international labour markets in other countries where the training, safety standards and competencies were aligned to client organizations. Provided guidance and support for companies navigating complex immigration pathways, settlement, and acceptance for new workers.
The result: a measurable improvement in safety culture and performance.

(148 households, representing approximately 300 residents). This included leadership sponsorship and commitment, participation and engagement of residents, policies and standards, hazard assessments, management process, organization structure, procedures, training, and communication.
The result: increased building and resident readiness for emergencies, including a team ready to respond in advance to the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, visit www.GetSafeStrata.com

and associated procedure for a large organization. Aligned the policy to the safety culture vision and clarified roles and responsibilities for every employee in the organization based on their span of control.
The result: an aspirational policy to reinforce the company’s approach to safety.

of life for workers on and off the job, and align to industry best practice and regulatory requirements. Analyzed occupational health and safety data and conducted needs and change readiness assessments with the operations workforce and management. Secured executive sponsorship and budget to develop a field and plant ergonomics program to address the leading source of occupational injury in the company. Structured and coached a team to develop and implement the program.
The result: morning warm-ups and improved understanding amongst workers on how to keep their bodies strong and safe while working.