To ensure the best outcomes for its clients, True North Implementation teams up with strategic partners for larger projects and when additional technical experience is needed.

Metagnosis Consulting Inc. is a boutique management consulting company, with a focus on change management and business transformation. Established in 1999 and based in Vancouver, B.C., Metagnosis enables clients to realise the full potential of their transformation projects by working in partnership to support them to adapt to change. We are committed to providing the highest standards and maximum value to our clients and are recognised as a market leader in helping clients deliver effective and sustainable organisational change and/or business transformation.

Our synergies with True North Implementation enable Metagnosis to draw on their expertise in health and safety as well as provide additional change management and transformation support on our clients’ larger projects.

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We at SiteDocs are here to make safety management easier, faster, and better for you. Since 2012, our goal has been to remove the headache of paperwork and help companies like yours achieve workplace safety goals. We are passionate about equipping companies of all sizes and in all industries with the tools they need to successfully maintain, manage, and build their workplace safety program. Development of the SiteDocs Safety Management Program is continuously informed by our in-house safety expertise team as well as through extensive customer collaboration. We are confident that SiteDocs will play a key role in helping companies improve safety and reduce injuries on site for many years to come, making safety compliance not only more achievable, but significantly more enjoyable.

In 2021 True North Implementation became an Official Partner with SiteDocs and we share a common vision of making safety more accessible in the workplace. To learn more contact to arrange a free introductory session.

ProjectLine Solutions sells, implements and supports best-in-class ERP software for small and mid-size businesses across Canada. We believe putting people first is the best way to make technology work for them. It’s a conviction that sets us apart. We understand that the shift to a new ERP system can be daunting and disruptive. But it doesn’t have to be. We ease the inevitable uncertainty that comes with an ERP project, helping our customers transition with the highest level of empathy, consideration and fit.

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GetSafeStrata is a program facilitated by True North Implementation and tailored for strata corporations. It offers guidance materials, workshops, support, and coaching to help councils build safety and emergency management programs that meet both regulatory standards and their own unique needs. With support from GetSafeStrata, a council can create a robust emergency response or safety program within six months!

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