Safety Management Software

Accessible Safety – Information, Tools, Processes – at your fingertips!

Improving safety performance and culture requires great communication, knowledge and information sharing, and robust processes. We are partnered with one of the leading companies in safety management software – SiteDocs.

SiteDocs Safety Management Software manages and integrates all aspects of your company’s safety management system online, in real-time. It enables you to easily and efficiently monitor compliance, analyze data, track actions, and share information. Because SiteDocs has a user-friendly app, safety information is within easy reach of your workers, supervisors, and managers, when and where they need it. Everything from inspection forms, daily check-ins, tailboards, safety talks, worker certifications, safe work procedures, hazard and incident reporting, corrective actions, and more – all together in one place!

We love this product and use it in our work. We think you will to. Why? Because it makes safety simple and accessible for everyone, and we’re confident it will improve your company’s safety management, performance, and culture. And, it is cost effective.

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Book your free introductory session with the SiteDocs team by contacting Lisa Seppala at lisa@truenorthimplementation.com. 45 minutes from the comfort of your home or office is all you need. You won’t regret learning more about this great tool.

Psychological Health & Safety

Organizational culture is easy to feel yet hard to define.

Improving an organization’s culture leads to better safety, operational, and business outcomes. We’ve seen that even the most culturally advanced organizations have room to grow when it comes to having a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.

Not sure how your organization culture measures up? We can help!

  • We do audits, training, and speaking engagements. We also offer a one-hour interactive session on psychological health and safety that’s perfect for team-building.
  • Our audits and training sessions are based on the National Standard for Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (CAN/CSA-Z1003-13/BNQ 9700-803/2013) and can be used to help clients identify the actions needed to make improvements.
  • For a tailored approach, contact us so we can assess your needs and the level of audit or review that would be most suitable for your organization. Reach out by email to lisa@truenorthimplementation.com or book time to talk with us by clicking on this link: https://calendly.com/tniconnect/psychological-health-and-safety-find-out-more

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Leadership and Safety Culture Coaching

Becoming a more effective leader can positively affect organizational culture.

According to the International Coaching Federation, coaching is defined as “partnering with Clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”. Through coaching, True North Implementation empowers organization leaders to set and implement the needed vision and direction for their organizations.


Are you a leader within your organization?
Are you wondering how to move your team forward to create a safer workplace?
Book time now to find out more about our leadership coaching service. We’re happy to provide you with a complimentary 60-minute introductory coaching session so you can experience the process first-hand.


Our founder and principal, Lisa Seppala, is an experienced senior leader and consultant. She is an Associate Certified Coach, conferred through the International Coaching Federation, and a Member of the International Coaching Federation Professional Coaches.

Strategy, programs, systems, and culture change implementation

Organizational change is challenging. Experienced navigators can help you reach your destination.

Our team has firsthand experience improving organizational culture and developing and implementing strategies, programs, and systems. Safety has been a focus from 2010 onwards, stemming from Lisa’s role as Chief Safety Health & Environment Officer for a major crown corporation in BC. Through a workplace tragedy and the many corrective actions that followed, Lisa experienced what it took to create a safe workplace. Improving the safety culture was foundational, and Lisa was integral in helping the organization make the shift. True North Implementation’s associates have similar experiences affecting change.

With a scalable team of strategic partners and associates, we help our clients, from large corporations to small businesses, implement strategy, systems, programs, and culture change to improve organizational performance.

Contact us by email lisa@truenorthimplementation.com or book time https://calendly.com/tniconnect/30min for an overview and opportunity to ask questions directly.